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He provides virtually 'round-the clock' press & PR support to a wide range of clients.

Years in the

I’m the creator and managing director of Ian Weightman Media Services – a company which, for the last three decades, has specialized in destination PR, and which represents some of the finest areas of the UK (as well as The French Ardennes, overseas).

The UK tourism industry is a small world, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve become well-known, as well as well-respected, within it over the past 30 years.

I’ve been privileged to be able to promote some of the best destinations in the UK to travel journalists both at home and abroad. And I’ve built up a good ‘product knowledge’ in that time – as well as a very special rapport (and some long-lasting friendships) with the journalists themselves.

A former journalist, I like to think I understand the pressures of deadlines, and the need to find a genuine story. So I tend to start off by identifying the story; follow that up by preparing some background editorial or text; make contact with the journalists; and then help to provide all of the assistance necessary for a press (or ‘educational’) visit.

But as well as being highly proactive, I’m also well placed to be a good source of information for any travel writer working on a round-ups, or other general features. Given the range of destinations, attractions and accommodation which I now represent, I’m confident enough to be able to say that I can usually come-up with something to match most enquiries.

If I was to have a mission statement it would be something along the lines of: Here not only to raise the profile of the areas, attractions and accommodations which I represent, but also to ensure that all of the journalists needs are met.

As well as knowing most of the UK’s leading travel writers personally, I’ve also been lucky enough to travel overseas to media events in many countries – and have subsequently been able to establish an excellent relationship with hundreds of travel writers in America, Canada, northern Europe, Japan and Australia.

More importantly still, I enjoy a very special relationship with VisitBritain and VisitEngland press offices both within the UK and world-wide.

I’m not able to do all of this on my own, of course. Work with IWMS, and you are guaranteed a very personal service overseen by me. But I now call on a small, but very select number of tried-and-trusted associates, who are equally conversant in destination PR.



A self help guide for B&B owners, privately owned hotels, small attractions, service providers, guides and concierges.

Meet My Associates

  • Katie has over 10 years experience in executive personal assistant and office management, providing high-class business support. Katie’s range of experience has enabled her to not only gain a strong skillset in business administration, but also develop the skills to build strong and successful professional relationships, enabling her to meet the demands of businesses and their owners in the modern world of work.

    Katie Macdonald

  • As a media relations specialist and copywriter with 30 years experience in journalism and PR, Mark has delivered quality services and coverage for a variety of projects and campaigns, ranging from individual attractions to destinations and consortiums.

    Mark Hibbert

The latest service available to both clients and travel journalists is the creation of this website.

Embedded for a variety of social media channels, it’s also a news-hub for travel editors and writers – highlighting some great destinations, stories and press visits.

But do feel free to ‘challenge’ me. If you need anything in particular; if you want to look at a story form an entirely different angle; if you want to speak to someone who truly understands the travel media, I’ll be very happy to help…