The Blog of a PR Chap

As so often happens when my VA, Katie, suggests something to me, I drew breath ready to answer…  And couldn’t form any kind of a connection between my brain and mouth.

I’d been told I needed to create a new, more personal style of blog.  Something which would give people an insight into who I am and what I do, no less.  But I’m a willing learner.  I’m on Twitter, Flicker, Linkedin, Pinterest and – to a growing degree – Instagram.  I’ve got a shiny new website, a monthly E-newsletter, and a profile photograph of me sponsored by Peroni which looks like there’s a telephone wire growing out of my ear.  What I don’t have – apparently – is any personal branding.  But I do now.

So please feel free to sit back and follow the irreverent ramblings of a sixty-something travel and tourism PR, who has somehow managed to land on the internet in the top 20 should you ever decide to google “Destination PR”.