A family friendly Festival of Archaeology

Cheddar Gorge and Caves in Somerset is one of the lead locations for this year’s nationwide Festival of Archaeology.


Involving a host of family-friendly activities and events during the entire six-week school holiday, the Cheddar Gorge Archaeology Festival, which continues now up to September 3, runs alongside the Council for British Archaeology’s own Festival (July 15 to 30) and is being billed as one of the very best places in the South West of England to “come and get involved”.


All of the events are included in the cost of a regular day ticket to Cheddar Gorge & Caves, and will run during normal cave opening times.


Amongst the many family events planned for the Festival are:


Archaeology Trail

The starting point for the trail will be at the entrance to Gough’s Cave, where a display board will feature photographs of bones, excavations, and sets.  It is aimed at younger visitors who will be invited to look out for six hidden clues which will then guide them on an archaeological detective trail through the cave.


Cave Drawings

A workshop ‘drop-in’ event, where guests will be given everything they need, including sugar paper and crayons, to have a go at making their own cave drawings.  This will be located inside the Museum of Prehistory.


Sand Tray Digs

A workshop event, where guests can dig through the sand in specially prepared trays to find various objects hidden inside them.  Some of the items will be historical; others will be junk.


Clay Pots and Brass Rubbing

A workshop style drop-in event, located on the Dreamhunters patio.  Guests can have a go at making their own miniature clay thumb pots, which they can then take home.  A brass rubbing activity will be held at the same location.


Prehistory Dress-Up

Located in the exhibition space as guests leave Goughs Cave, there will be an opportunity to dress-up in prehistory clothes and pose in front of a cave backdrop.


Cheddar Gorge & Caves as a whole is unveiling other new attractions during the summer holidays.


Elsewhere in The Gorge, the state-of-the-art Dreamhunter’s experience was installed in Cox’s Cave last year, and a redesigned Museum was unveiled shortly after that.


Access to Cheddar Gorge and Caves via an Explorer ticket (which includes Dreamhunters, Gough’s Cave, The Museum of Prehistory, the Lookout Tower, Cliff-top Gorge Walk is priced at: Adults £19.95 (online £16.95); Children (5-15) £13.95 (online £11.85); Under 5s Free.


Further details about the Festival of Archaeology can be found at http://www.cheddargorge.co.uk/events.


For all other information, including opening times, please visit http://www.cheddargorge.co.uk/events.