Enjoy some hygge and fika at a Cotswolds manor in January

The world famous Lords of the Manor Hotel in The Cotswolds will be offering a one-night Hygge & Fika break to its guests throughout January, 2017.


Lords of the Manor Hotel came up with the package following a chance comment by some Danish visitors, who remarked that their time here had offered a perfect example of “hygge” – a word which has no direct translation into English, but which is associated with shutting out the outside word, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures in a relaxed and cosy setting with family and friends.


Taking the compliment to heart, Lords of the Manor will be adding to their overall Hyggestand (“the moment of hygge”) at the hotel throughout January.


The Hygge & Fika package is priced from £219 per double room, and includes an overnight stay with dinner, breakfast and afternoon Fika-style coffee and cake served by the fireside – as well as the chance to snuggle-up together outdoors under cosy rugs and throws.


For full details of the Hygge & Fika package at Lords of the Manor, visit: www.lordsofthemanor.com/cotswolds-cosy-january-hygge/