Family-friendly Festival of Archaeology

The Museum of Prehistory in Cheddar Gorge, which has recently undergone majorchanges, will be buzzing with a host of archaeological activities throughout the summer holidays.


Cheddar Gorge and Caves in Somerset is once again set to celebrate the nationwideBritish Archaeology summertime festival season, as well as showcase an exhibitionlinked to Channel 4’s recent documentary which revealed the face of Cheddar Man.


Involving a range of family-friendly activities during the school holidays, the Cheddar Gorge Archaeology Festival runs from July 25 to September 2, and is being billed as one of the very best places in the South West of England for all budding archaeologists to come and get involved.


Younger visitors will love to “get stuck-in”, making their very own clay thumb pots; trying their hand at brass-rubbing; dressing up as prehistoric hunter-gatherers; and digging through sand trays to discover artefacts in the same way that “real archaeologists” do.


But the fact that all of the activities are included in the cost of a regular Explorer ticketto Cheddar Gorge & Caves, and will run during normal cave opening times, means that young archaeologists will also be able to venture through the mysterious depthsof Gough’s Cave and then discover the location of where the world-famous CheddarMan – Britain’s oldest most complete skeleton – was found.


An exhibition at the exit of the cave features all of the latest research from the Natural History Museum and University College London which was recently seen on Channel 4’s documentary The First Brit, that helped to reveal “the face” of Cheddar Man.


The Museum of Prehistory itself, meanwhile, also features fascinating facts and interesting information – alongside many of the objects unearthed in the Cheddar area – that help to tell the story of how our ancestors lived tens of thousands of years ago.


Access to Cheddar Gorge and Caves via an Explorer Day Ticket (which includes The Festival of Archaeology, Dreamhunters, Gough’s Cave, The Museum of Prehistory, Beyond the View, Cliff-top Walk) is priced at: Adults £19.95 (online £16.95); Children(5-15) £13.95 (online £11.85); Under 5s Free.  Further details about the Festival of Archaeology can be found at