Longleat’s lighting-up Christmas

One of the most-anticipated events of the winter season, Longleat’s annual Festival of Light runs to January 6, 2019.


More than 1,000 illuminated lanterns, set in over 30 acres, are this year sending visitors on “A Fantastic Voyage” in the company of three, new, Longleat characters: plucky brother and sister Harry and Bea, and their fearless terrier companion, Monty.


Each lantern scene shows the intrepid trio travelling through time and space exploring wondrous locations: from the exotic to the glacial; and filled with astonishing creatures, magnificent scenery, stunning structures and sensational modes of transportation.


Some of the most eye-catching installations this year include a hot air balloon; camels; an immense Great Pyramid towering 20 metres into the night sky; a 28-metre-long train, the Longleat Flyer; a rocket ship blasting-off into the dazzling solar system; dinosaurs; and medieval knights on horseback.


The Festival of Light once again runs alongside Longleat’s traditional Christmas celebrations – with a day of festive fun at Longleat (including The Festival of Light, Winter Safari Drive-Through, Longleat House, and Enchanted Christmas Tree) starts from walk-up day ticket priced at £34.95 for adults (online £31.45) and £26.20 for children (online £23.55).  Pre-booking is essential on some dates.


For full details, visit https://fol.longleat.co.uk/tickets/festival-of-light.