Luxury spa hotel offers ‘The Malvern Water Cure Spa Day’

The first spa in Malvern in over a decade has brought the spa heritage of this famous town back to life.

Based within a multi-million pound hotel, the health club and spa is on a mission to establish a reputation for health, beauty, relaxation and indulgence.

What sets The Malvern Spa Hotel aside from the others – apart from its 20-metre, 35-degrees centigrade indoor-outdoor hydrotherapy pool filled with world famous Malvern Spa water sourced 200m below ground – is The Malvern Water Cure Spa Day.

Historically, the popularity of the Water Cure at Malvern owes much to two doctors who set up hydrotherapy centre in the area: Dr James Wilson and Dr James Manby Gulley.  The first Water Cure establishment was set up in Great Malvern and opened in 1842.

Malvern water is so special because it permeates through very hard rock leaving virtually no mineral traces, whilst very fine cracks filter other impurities.  (Queen Victoria, apparently, refused to travel without it!).

The present day Water Cure Spa Day, meanwhile, still draws on the unique asset of Malvern water from one of the last remaining boreholes in Malvern which provides fresh spring water for its signature treatment.

The full day features the Signature Water Cure Body Treatment lasting 75 minutes, including a full body ice scrub, hot lavender cleanse, warm oil lymphatic massage and cooling Rose Quartz facial.  It also includes a Signature Water Cure foot soak and scalp treatment of 30 minutes, a light lunch, an abundance of Malvern Water for hydration and a refreshing sorbet to finish.

Prices for The Malvern Water Cure Spa Day start from £149 per person.

A full menu can be found on The Malvern Spa Hotel’s website, at, by following the “SPA” link to the treatments e-brochure.