Pop-up Pandas set to cause panda-mania at Longleat

Panda-mania is breaking out across Longleat, thanks to the arrival of some very charismatic new residents, which started popping-up all around the Estate over the May Bank Holiday Weekend.


The new art installation, features a host of painted pandas and is set to be one of the quirkiest, colourful and cutest events that Longleat has ever seen.


The Thynn family have collected a wide-ranging array of art over the last 450 years and Longleat is continuing this tradition by celebrating the eccentricity of the astonishing kingdom of Longleat with Pop-up Pandas: an art installation.


This cute and quirky art installation features around 60 painted pandas for visitors to find and photograph.  Each of them has been hand-painted and themed on a variety of subjects – from different artistic styles and elements of Chinese culture, to English seasonal events and clothing traditions.


As an installation, they will form a trail around the House, formal gardens and Longleat Railway, as well as other selected locations around the Estate.  More will be added to the trail as local artists are given the opportunity to put their own mark on one of the pop-up pandas.


Also new for 2018 is Predators: the killer animatronic exhibition, which opened in March and is scheduled to run through to September 3.  From May 24, they will be joined by T.rex: The Killer Questionin The Longhouse, which has made it to Wiltshire all the way from the world famous Natural History Museum.


All three exhibitions are included in the normal price of entry: Adults £34.95 (£29.70 online); Children £26.20 (£22.27); Seniors £31.45 (£26.73); Under 3, free. Two day tickets and Annual Passes are also available.


For all details visit https://www.longleat.co.uk.