Predators: a killer animatronic exhibition

Longleat is getting ready to bring the big, beautiful and sometimes bizarre world of predators to life, in a killer animatronic exhibition from March 24 to September 3.


The eye-popping Predators: a killer animatronic exhibition, opening this Easter, will allow visitors to the Wiltshire estate to come face-to-face with some of the planet’s most astonishing predators by utilising animatronic technology.  And it will allow extremely close encounters with everything from a life-sized hunting great white shark, to a super-sized Venus flytrap.


A total of 14 different species will be on display including a deep-sea anglerfish, a harpy eagle swooping down, a polar bear, a giant saltwater crocodile, a Komodo dragon and a spitting cobra.


Elsewhere, prehistoric predators will also be brought back to life with a magnificent sabre-toothed cat, and an 8-metre-long Baryonyx dinosaur.


Visitors will lock eyes with some extremely realistic animals, whose keen vision is often a key to their very survival.  The animatronics will also incorporate multi-sensory features including spray, sound and smell.


Each one of the predators will sit comfortably within the surrounding environment: lions and hyenas will be found in a dry, scrubland scene; while the polar bear stands amidst the icy surroundings of the Arctic, complete with a seal breathing-hole at his feet.


But through it all, Longleat aims to ensure its visitors consider the role of the predator, asking: “Does one animal hunt and another scavenge, or is there more to the story?”


Nothing quite like this will have ever been seen at the Longleat estate ever before.


It will also set the scene for a second exhibition coming to Longleat this Spring – “T. rex: The Killer Question”, which will run from May 24 to September 3.


For this, Longleat has teamed up with the Natural History Museum to host their travelling exhibition which invites visitors to decide whether these magnificent dinosaurs were truly fearsome hunters or sneaky scavengers.  Full-sized skeleton casts, animatronics and loads of fun dino-science will help visitors to decide as T. rex takes over the Longhouse.


Both exhibitions are included in the normal price of entry: Adults £34.95 (£29.70 online); Children £26.20 (£22.27); Seniors £31.45 (£26.73); Under 3, free.  Two day tickets and Season Tickets are also available.  For all details visit