Roaring, soaring Longleat

The sky’s the limit as far as Longleat is concerned, as the nation’s No.1 safari park prepares for lift-off towards becoming the venue for one of the biggest hot air balloonevents in Europe.


The 2018 Longleat Sky Safari is scheduled to run from September 14 to 16, with morethan 100 balloons already confirmed – and many more expecting to sign-up to the eventbefore it all goes up, up and away over the spectacular Wiltshire estate.


The 2018 format will remain the same as previous years, with visitors to Longleat being given access to the Sky Safari in the normal price of entry to the park.  One major difference is “Shape Sunday”, when a wide range of carefully crafted, highly colourful and specially designed hot air balloons – including penguins, a wolf, an owl and Longleat’s very own Lion, Simbaloo – will be inflated.


Longleat itself also plans to unveil its newly commissioned hot air balloon during the course of the event.


Morning flights are scheduled for between 07.30; and early evening flights from around 17.30. There will also be tethered flights, and two spectacular “Night Glows” on the Saturday and Sunday evenings.


Annual Pass holders will be invited to attend a special preview event for the sky Safarion September 13.


All other visitors will have full access to the event for the following three days without any increase in the normal price of entry to Longleat: Adults £34.95 (£29.70 online); Children £26.20 (£22.27); Seniors £31.45 (£26.73); Under 3, free.


The Longleat estate in Wiltshire is currently offering its visitors added value throughout the summer, thanks to three major exhibitions which have joined all of the regular attractions at the famous Wiltshire estate. Predators: a killer animatronic exhibition; T. rex: The Killer Question;and Pop-up Pandas: an art installationare also all included in the normal price of entry to Lonlgeat this summer.  For all details visit