Lights, cameras, action!

Visitors to Cheddar Gorge & Caves in Somerset will be able to take a new journey from pre-history to the present day, deep within the magical and mysterious chambers of Cox’s Cave, from the start of the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Dreamhunters – the adventures of early man is the first new attraction at Cheddar Gorge in nearly a quarter of a century.  The multi-media walk-through experience will officially open on Saturday, April 30th and will take full advantage of one of the most dramatic settings in the UK to tell the story of how our ancestors overcame ancient fears and fierce predators and made the tools and weapons needed to build shelters and hunt in order to protect the tribe.

First discovered in 1837, Cox’s Cave consists of several small grottoes and chambers, linked by low archways.  Inside, it offers a stunning world of calcite sculptures and mirror pools – and is a part of the dramatic Cheddar Gorge which, in the 12th century, was described as one of the Four Wonders of England.

It is this spectacular natural setting which – with the help of some state-of-the-art projectors, sound systems and lighting – will now provide the magical backdrop for a new attraction, where visitors can step inside the entrance to this historic cave and follow the story of how early man learned to master the mysteries of the ancient world.

A different fragment of the story will be revealed in each one of the chambers, as film and images are projected onto the cave walls, and our ancestors’ voices recall battles with great bears, foraging parties and the fight for food.

It has ben created by London-based LCI Productions – a multi-media company which has more than 30 years experience in the creation of spectacular shows and events around the world – and which is currently installing all of the lighting, technology, effects and ‘wow-factor’ needed to give an entirely new generation of visitors to Cheddar an experience of a lifetime.

Visitors will walk, scramble, stoop, climb and descend steps, and walk through sound-muffling “curtains” within the cave to follow a story told in dream-like sequences.  The self-guided trail lasts around 40 minutes, and includes a spectacular grand finalé in the end chamber.

Access to Dreamhunters will be included in the general admission price of a visit to Cheddar Gorge & Caves (which includes Cox’s Cave, Gough’s Cave, the Museum of Prehistory, the Lookout Tower, Cliff-top Gorge Walk and Gorge Open-top bus).

The new experience at Cox’s Cave is part of a £400,000 investment plan at Cheddar Gorge and Caves for 2016, which will also see the introduction of new branding, and some new interpretation.  Buildings and shop-fronts in the Gorge are also to be repainted, as the first step in a new phase of reinvestment in the attraction.